17 Must Read Books for Communication Grads

  1. Bellah, Robert N., «Habits of the Heart: Individualism and Commitment in American Life» (1985)
  2. Berger, Peter L., and Thomas Luckman, «The Social Construction of Reality» (1966)
  3. Buber, Martin, «I and Thou» (1970)
  4. Carey, James W., «Communication as Culture» (1989)
  5. Darnton, Robert, «The Great Cat Massacre: And Other Episodes of French Cultural History» (1984)
  6. Gardner, James B. and George Rollie Adams, «Ordinary People and Everyday Life» (1983)
  7. Geertz, Clifford, «The Interpretation of Cultures» (1073)
  8. Gitlin, Todd, «Inside Prime Time» (1983)
  9. Innis, Harold A. «The Bias of Communication» (1951)
  10. Kuhn, Thomas S. «The Structure of Scientific Revolution» (1962)
  11. McLuhan, Marshal, «Understanding Media: The Extension of Man» (1964)
  12. Mills, C. Wright, «The Sociological Imagination» (1959)
  13. Plath, David W., «Long Engagements: Maturity in Modern Japan»
  14. Riesman, David, «The Lonely Crowd» (1950)
  15. Weber, Max., «The Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism» (1904-05)
  16. Williams, Raymond, «The Long Revolution» (1961)
  17. Whyte, William Foote, «Street Corner Society: The Social Structure of an Italian Slum» (1943)

p.s. This list of books were suggested by George Gladney, UW at COJO


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