Comment Paper – 11: Music as a media

In the Strawberry Cream Soda Pop music video K...

In the Strawberry Cream Soda Pop music video Kawase dresses in polka dot outfits similar to those worn in Strawberry Switchblade’s video for «Since Yesterday». (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not a big fan of rep, pop music or radio talk show. If I am listening music it is mostly folklore or our national pop music. Kazakhstani radio does not have talk show format programs. Radio has fully entertainment content and mostly plays different genre music. However, I agree with arguments that the sexual hip-hop music videos have influence to teenagers (Kistler et, 2009) and women are sexual objectification in the music videos (Aubrey et, 2011).  In addition I would say not only music videos, whole music industry based on sexual content as well.On the other hand, rep genre evolves in different way and attributes as a freedom of speech. For example, there are famous Muslim rappers in Europe and America. They choose this genre because it allows expressing opinion and influencing the mass. Because of the sexual and aggressive attributes in the rap music (most common details are: bike, chain, and sexual girls) this genre demoralize teenagers. It is believed that rapper fans have disorganized life style. Surprisingly rappers after the converting into religion become more popular and play a crucial role in explaining the spiritual values. For example, last year German officials said Denis Mamadou Cuspert, once a rapper called Deso Dogg, is a security risk (NYT, 2011).    

In Kazakhstani example rappers presents opposition opinions and spreading it to the mass. One of the main problems in Kazakhstan is the status of the Kazakh language in the society. While journalists or politicians cannot express their dissatisfactions regarding to language issue, rappers easily sing song and criticize the Kazakh government. It is hardly to find any sexual object in their music video. The only symbol of the rapper is blue jeans.

Moreover rappers status increases in the post war countries. After the Arab spring world media pays attention on Arab speaking rappers activity. I think rap is accepted as a form of democracy in the autocratic regime countries. Compared to the articles where music video promotes sexual behavior (Kistler et, 2009, Aubrey et, 2011) I want to know how music promotes democracy values and critical thinking.

P.S. Rubin and Step (2010) in the radio listening analysis present parasocial interaction. I believe we can use it in blogging analysis to identify how readers build trust in a blogosphere as well. However I have a concern that interpersonal relation in the blogosphere could be differ than in radio.


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