Comment Paper – 7: Mobile Media

English: Mobile phone evolution Русский: Эволю...Although researchers (Campbell, 2011; Dimmick, 2010; Garcia-Montes, 2006) describe the influence of the mobile phones on the user behavior, I did not find the strong explanation of the mobile media. Authors explain the relation between mobile users and perspective of the mobile phones in the media in general (Dimmick, 2010). I am more interested in the mobile media’s content effect and not in mobile use. What are the differences of mobile media content and how traditional media switching into mobile media by occupying new niche (Dimmick, 2010)? How do the social media applications in mobile devices help to create a mobile media content and what is the role of mobile media in the market? Do we need to prepare the future journalism faculty student to learn how to create multimedia content for the mobile media and mobile media market?

Those are the first questions which arose in my mind when I tried to draw the picture of the mobile media’s future. Dynamic changes in new media force me to think about my future position as a communication scholar. In my opinion, analyzing mobile media from the psychological perspective (Garcia-Montes, 2006) does not give us a full understanding of the mobile media’s effects. Researcher also should describe technological features of mobile media as their main attribute.

I think compared to other types of alternative media, mobile media has certain attributes that cannot be found in traditional media. First of all, mobile media is mobile. It is a medium that makes us dependent on each other (Garcia-Montes, 2006), because we carry it whenever we are. Mobile phones are the part of our identity and serves not only as a source of information but also as a communication instrument. In addition, I agree with Campbell’s idea about networked medium (Campbell, 2011, p. 217). Mobile media can create a network, which is not the traditional media’s attribute. Network system is mostly established via mobile application. Applications can add certain value to the mobile phones and transform cell phone into multimedia instrument. Last but not least, mobile media interferes with users’ personal privacy. Dialogic approach (Campbell, 2011) of mobile media anticipates control over the user. All data on mobile phones can float in the network and be used against the user. For example, personal e-mail address or login is no longer personal information. This is because in the mobile phones information is synchronized with other data and user should present it to the network (Hashimoto, 2008). Even some countries implement the law to register the mobile phones on the government system before they can buy it. In this case researchers should consider the conflict between the freedom of speech and advances of technology.

In conclusion, mobile media’s attributes should be considered as a main difference from other type of alternative media. I listed only the main features of mobile media, which are mobility, network orientation and privacy. I will be happy to know the broad explanation of these attributes and find out how mobile media will change in the future.


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