Comment Paper – 4: Online Journalism vs. Digital Journalism

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As a future communication scholar this was the first time when I started to think of complexity of the online mediated content.  In the article researchers gave different approaches to analyze online media. The main similarity between scholars was in describing the new media from interactivity, hypertextuality and multimedia perspectives (S. Chung, 2011), (Steensen, 2011). But, I wonder about the perception of the new media regarding the form. As we discussed in our first class media has six attributes, in my opinion, all these attributes: interactivity, organization, control, channel, textuality, and content (P. William, Jr. Eveland, 2003) can apply to the online media too.In the articles about online media scholars forgot about the devices that bring the information to the audience. I did not find any data regarding the devices. For example, it would be interesting to know about the application in smart phones, which brings incidental information about health (Tian & Robinson, 2009).  Thus, consuming the online content from different types of screen (tablet, mobile phone, and laptop) can seriously affect the research results. I assume that teenagers’ political views also can be changed if there were opinion-reinforcing application (S. Chung, 2011), because it is not a secret that democrats won the 2008 election relying on new media tools.

I think analyzing the Internet from these attributes will bring us broad understanding of the trend. In general, all articles discussed the effect of the online media regarding to health and political communication. On the other hand, I am more interested in the online media effects in different types of technology, even though sensitive displays could be another topic of the research. For example, android based smartphones can cultivate the data from the Google search engine, where there could be a high possibility of the incidental information about a specific topic. It would be interesting to know the perception of the users according to the search engine platforms, like Bing, Google and Yahoo.

Distinguishing between online journalism and digital journalism is useful. It seems online and digital are technical terms rather than specific field in journalism. Thus, the main function of the journalist is to gather and share the information. But Facebook or YouTube also indexes the information and shares it, and we are not considering them as a journalist.

To sum up, online media differs in form from traditional media. That is why, I strongly believe, in online media research scholars should focus in online media attributes too. New media combined different types of attributes and it is more attractive rather than newspapers or magazines.


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