Why you should not go to BarCamp KL

Ескерту: төмендегі жазба ағылшын тілінде

– You DO NOT want to learn about the latest Trends, Knowledge, Expertise and Technology from the leading youth entrepreneurs, technopreneurs and business execs.
– You DO NOT like mixing around with people, hence putting you in a lonely and rather miserable life.
– You DO NOT want to grow your Options to Succeed in Life and Business or Work, hence leading a rather mediocre lifestyle/
– You DO NOT want to meet the hottest, the whackiest and the wisest Tech-Geeks who can potentially help make you and your business and your work $$$!
– You DO NOT want to be part of one of the biggest gathering of Entrepreneurs, Technoprenuers, Industry Professionals and Business Executives in the KL region.
– You DO NOT want your business, your work or yourself to be Known by anyone within Malaysia’s business community.

If you fit all those descriptions above, then YOU ARE the Person where we will TRY ‘At least’ to Convince you to come to BarCamp!

A life-changing Experience? Not quite…It depends on how you take it!

An add-up into a life-changing Experience? Well, it depends on you too, but at BarCamp, we guarantee you are bound to do the following;

– Meet new and exciting people! Share the same passion!
– Learn new things! Awaken the curiosity in you!
– Have fun! Network! Talk to anyone and everyone on the day!
– Go out for drinks and have a life-changing night life! Beercamp!
– Be Richer with contacts, friends, and Potential Customers & Clients!
– Make more money with contacts, friends and customers obtained!
– Be a part of history by attending BarCamp KL No.2! Only No.2! You can still make history!

For further enquiries – Contact the people below…

INTI College Subang

4 – 5 of April 2009

What time?
9.00 a.m. until 6.00 p.m. OR you can hang out until the wee hours at night…Have fun! And join another Great event – Beercamp!

Admission Fee?
It will cost you, your Efforts! You just need to come to the venue and register and enjoy the event! That’s your ‘Admission Fee!’

How much fee – Seriously?
Its Free!

Why are we doing this?
Because we simply love you and want you to succeed…Yes, seriously! By ensuring that you Learn, Have Fun and Make more Cash, we will ultimately strengthen the community with your involvement! When you are empowered, the community becomes a better, more productive community!

Convinced? No?

Then check out our site at http://www.barcamp.org/BarCampKL or google BarCampKL

Convinced Now!

Then sign-up to BarCamp KL 2009!


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