Kazakh football on penalty.kz


  1. Podcast in Kazakh: Blogging is a hot topic on the Kazakh Radio Askhat speaks about the Kazakh blogosphere’s problems in a popular radio broadcast on the Kazakh Radio (KAZ)
  2. Kazakh football on penalty.kz A fan of the Kazakh football team launched a soccer-related website, powered by a blog platform (KAZ)
  3. Peace for Palestine Kazakhstan’s Muslims are making du’a for peace in Palestine each time they pray, Askhat says (KAZ)
  4. The official blog of Kazakh Prime MinisterJanuary 9th, 2009 The Kazakh Prime Minister started blogging and the first of his readers wonder why the blog is in Russian language and asked when he keeps his promise to open access to the LiveJournal blogging platform (KAZ)
  5. New Year posts in the Kazakh Language Blogosphere Askhat reviewed first posts of the Kazakh bloggers in the new year. “Fireworks badly affected the Almaty’s environment, but were a good investment in the Chinese economy”, he says (KAZ)

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