NewYorkTime’s editor (web site)
Podcasts (Headliner, like Good Day! Your are listening NewYorkTimes. Today’s top theme is ….)
Business Models
Advertising inserted inside files
Banners and other visual ads
Paid subscriptions
Sponsored programs
Donation from listeners (PayPal, etc.)
Embedding content
YouTube is a ‘destination’ website
But YouTube content is also embeddable in other sites
Multimedia can be stored on one site and text on another
Both come together on one page
Embedding is one of the hallmarks of ‘Web 2.0
Why embedding is important?
Cost go to zero (or near to zero) for hosting
Multimedia gets to users faster on one of the big providers
Reaches larger audience when content
Remix, reuse, recycle
Creative Commons licenses
enable others to use your content under the terms you set
«Some rights reserved»
non commercial
commercial users must still pay
OK for a DJ to use your song in his mix tape, but Pepsi has to pay for it
NB. Public Domen
Is traditional radio dead? No.
Human intelligence
Hands-free operation
Economical (free or near-free)
Audio on demand and newsroom systems
Many newsroom systems now support audio and multimedia
Radio stations can easily add programs to their websites
Frequently tied to legal requirement for broadcast recording
Tend not to be music because of copyright problems
Radio and developing countries
Broad reach
No literacy required
Proven, «here-and-now» tech
The Campware Initiative
Identify and promote effective tools for independent media
Create those tools when they don’t exist
Serve as common ground for the user and technical communities
Promote open source software and methods where relevant
NB. Be legal
Campware’s Tools for Independent Media
Campsie – content managment sysytem for news websites
campcaster – radio managment sysytem
What Station Need
Legality (stations are using pirated playout)
Affordablity (license costs range from EUR 500 to EUR 15.000)
Flexibility (stations can make changes to the software easily)
What is a Campcaster?

Integrated system for
program exchange

3 main components
studio – live mode
station automation, management
Network Hub – program exchange

Media library backend
Campcaster Studio
Designed for inside the studio
Live Mode
studio personnel choose sound files to play
Remote management
Designed for crisis situations (When B92 was shut down, they streamed)
Programm exchange
Upload qand download of programs
Single files aand entire playlists
Offline (save to CD or USB)
Files automaticalli in archive
Who is using Campcaster
West Africa Democracy Radio
Radio Sunshine (Kent, UK)
Salam Watandar radio network (Afganistan)
Possible usus for campcaster
Internet distribution
Campcaster provides numerous opportunities
Open sourse method provides flexibility to broadcasters
Community is growing


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